welcomeThe Art & Science of Lip Print Reading, Lipsology, was founded by Jilly Eddy, the world’s leading expert in lip print interpretation.

After a wonderful career of entertaining and teaching, Jilly retired in May 2019. Since many people come to this website, she’s leaving it up as an information portal for all who are interested in Lipsology.

Here you’ll learn about Lipsology History, Jilly, and her career adventures, and meet her Certified Lipsologists, who do such a great job they make it easy for her to retire! They use Lipsology to discover your guest’s personality characteristics and energy levels based on each individual’s lip prints. This entertainment is amazing and fun and something you’ll never forget.

So whether you need an excellent Certified Lipsologist to entertain for your event, want to learn lip interpretations for your own enjoyment or even become certified, you can find the resources on this website. Read on, have fun and who knows, you may even be inspired by Jilly’s success to follow on her path of lip print reading!

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