Your lip prints are like chapters of a book, each one telling more about your story. So accurate are Certified Lipsologist’s readings, that many clients hire them year after year.  There’s also frequent requests for more lip print readers, even worldwide. To help with these requests, Jilly has trained Certified Lipsolgists. They are wonderfully gifted entertainers, who provide you with  uncannily “right on” interpretations!

Lipsology’s client base is vast and diverse—check it out. Whether you’re a CEO, a couple celebrating an anniversary, or an excited bride-to-be, you’ll love Lipsology.

Most Lipsology clients find out about Lipsology by word of mouth (no pun intended), from birthday parties to speaking engagements, corporate picnics to class reunions; the list of events is endless…

Contact a Certified Lipsologist today to add YOUR event to the list!