Jilly Eddy
Retired, May 2019

The world’s first Lipsologist, Jilly Eddy entertained Seattle-based audiences of all ages with her humor and remarkably precise personality profiles based on her self-developed system of Lipsology, The Art & Science of Reading Lip Prints.

Jilly spent nearly 38 years collecting and analyzing tens of thousands of lip prints including those of Johnny Cash and author Jean Auel. She offered her warm sense of humor and incredible insights to the lives of thousands, making a unique and memorable impression and often affecting personal reflection and change.

During her career Jilly’s work was featured in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and The Seattle Times. She was also interviewed on numerous regional television and radio shows from the Northwest to Nashville.

Jilly is extremely thankful for all the marvelous people who encouraged her research and the development of Lipsology. Even though she could see in their eyes they really thought she was nuts, they humored her by putting on lipstick and kissing paper for her and were delighted to report how right-on their lip print reading was. She is also grateful to the infinitely competent people who helped her with the business side of Lipsology, and for the privilege of working with many wonderful people in the world of Corporate Events and Private Celebrations. Jilly especially appreciates her extraordinarily talented Certified Lipsologists who continue to make positive differences in people’s lives with Lipsology. A big thank you to all for the fun and sweet memories!

Note from Jilly: Remember to take care of your lips. Keep them in good shape because you never know when someone, somewhere, is going to walk up to you, lipstick in hand, with a big grin or maybe a shy smile, and ask you to kiss paper.

You want to be ready.