To work with the Certified Lipsologist closest to you, and/or near your event, click on their link below.

For all other inquiries, or if you are not sure who to contact, please submit your information and questions on our Contact Page. 

Lipsologist certified in the Jilly Eddy method:

Beth Engerson (New York) – Kiss Marks
Pam Fox (Arizona) – Lip Story
Michael Kett (Illinois) – Lip Print Readings
Ariana Lightningstorm (Maryland) – Lip Messages
Deni Luna (Washington) – Read-My-Lipstick
Laura E. West (Texas) – Lip Prints by Laura
Julie Waterhouse (Northampton, UK) – What’s In a Kiss

Certified Lipsology Teachers:

Ariana Lightningstorm (Maryland) – Lip Messages
Laura E. West (Texas) – Lip Prints by Laura